How do I change plan?

If you want to change your Dropshipall subscription plan, simply follow these steps.

1. Login to your Shopify admin dashboard, and click on "apps". 

2. Click the Dropshipall app from the list, you will get redirected to the Dropshipall dashboard.

3.  From the Dropshipall dashboard pick the Plans from the side menu.

You will see the differences between the Dropshipall subscription plans and will be able to select the desired one. Pick the new subscription you would like and approve it.

Once you select and confirm your new subscription plan, it will take effect immediately; therefore, you can use the features and benefits of the subscription plan right away. You will be charged the subscription fee on the payment card which is associated with your Shopify account.

If you think you have been charged incorrectly, please email us. Our team will investigate your request and issue the refund if necessary.