If you want to delete product from Shopify dashboard, it will automatically get deleted from the Dropshipall list. 

Go to Products page.

Select your product, on the right side click to the bottomon "Delete Product".

Just press the butten in alert:

It can take from seconds until your selected product is deleted.

So you’ve found the perfect products for your shop! After you add a product, you can use supplier's information, images and leave the product as it is, or you can customize it. 

There are two ways to customize products: in the Import List and in the Shopify Admin.

Customizing Products in the Import List

After you add the product to the Import List, you can customize it on the Import List page before publishing into the Shopify store. Bellow you see the form with all available fields for product which you want import to shopify. You can edit all available fields and values using this form, and it will be saved on shopify. Check all fields and then click "Import" button, after that wait until loading will be finished, and check your product in shopify.

In the Images section,  you can select/deselect images. Dropshipall by default import a few images, therefore, here you can select more images and also add images from your PC you would like to add to the product. Take note that after you publish the product in your Shopify store, it may take some time until all images are uploaded. .

Once you’re done editing, click on the "Save product in Shopify" button to add the product to your Shopify store!

Customizing Products in the Shopify Admin




Congrats on starting your shop! Now it’s time to find the perfect products for your store and if it is necessary in your own Dropshipall stor.

Dropshipall offers you the best way to finde perfect products for your Shopify stor. With our help you can find and import products from Aliexpres, Alibaba, Amazon,Shein. They offer you a great amount of goods. 
For each product searching, you must fill product name, price or even description. Once you’ve chosen the products you want to sell, simply click on the "Add" button. The products will then be added to your import list for customization. 

In Dropshipall's search page, you can search products by keywords, title, products ID, Sku and by Shopify ID. You just need to go "Products" section and fill in what you want to find and press the button Enter on the keyboard.

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