DSA App helps you source and import your assortment from a world wide variety of reliable suppliers, such as AliExpress, Shein, Etsy etc.

About us

DSA is a multifunction dropshipping (is the bridge connecting wholesale warehouses to small retailers). portal that allows you to find all kinds of products to sell online. Our App is trusted by the world’s most venerable companies such as AliExpress, Amazon, Shein ets.. It's

Dropshipall the easiest way to find drop shipping suppliers and profitable products to sell online. You can easily add products to your Shopify store, and start selling now. Never worry about packaging or shipping, and focus on developing your business.

Our help center is working 24/7, so we are always here to help you, answer your questions.

We gather your feedback, improve the platform and stay on the edge of the technology to automate your dropshipping business. With you, we can improve and adapt our platform to provide you with the most advanced tools and automation processes.

The DSA Chrome Extension is a free automation tool which helps to run a dropshipping business more efficiently. For using DSA the Chrome Extension, you must use the Google Chrome Browser.