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Getting Started

DSA will help you to start your first online business.

To install and Sign Up to DSA app for Shopify, you just need to follow our advices: 


If you have a Shopify store get DSA from the Shopify App Store.

Click on the "Add app" button & install DSA to your Shopify store. 



When the installation process is complete, you can see and use your own Dropshipall dashboard. 



Now you just need to do 3 simple steps.

  • Choose one of our Pricing plans that you Prefer, subscribe to be able to use our application.


  • Install the Dropshipall Chrome Extension. Please notice, that extension works only on Google Chrome. 



After pressing the button install, a new window will open in front of you․ Press the butten "Add to Chrom" 



Now in your Chrome Extension you have Dropshipall. 



  • Import products from Aliexpress , Alibaba , Shein , Amazon to your Shopify store. 


We offer you 3 subscription plans to select from:


The Starter plan is free per month.

The Basic plan is 13.99$ per month.

And the Business plan is cost 23.99$ per month.

You can always use The Starter plan, it is indefinite. Each paid account starts with a day trial․

To get more information about tariff plans, please look at our pricing page.

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